About PetVetsRX

At Creating Brighter Days, our conviction is that if we lead with our passion, then our success will follow. Simply stated our passion is animal health. Creating the highest qualityCBD products for your dogs, cats and horsesis our mission. Our PromisesWe promiseto develop and deliver CBD pet products that are safe and effective.We promiseto base all of ourCBD pet formulas on scientific research.We promise to use only thehighest quality, 100% natural ingredients.We promiseto always stay tuned into the latest developments inherbal health technologies and CBD research for pets.

In order to keep these promises, Creating Brighter Days CBD pet products are meticulously formulated by leading researchers, veterinarians, animal dieticians, and herbalists. And all ingredients used in our CBD pet products are carefully selected and tested to ensure they meet our high-quality standards.

Our Values

Everything we do here at Creating Brighter Days is guided by these values:

Compassionate careHigh integritySustainabilityFair tradeCustomer-centric service

We believe that Mother Earth naturally provides safe and effective alternatives to harsh drugs and chemicals and that all living creatures have the right to these remedies. By buying our brand you help support our mission to ensure these rights.

We strive for integrity, sustainability, and fair trade by using only the highest quality herbal ingredients sourced from growers that practice sustainable farming.

We believe that happy customers are the foundation of a successful company, and we strive to assure satisfaction and answer any and all questions they may have about our products.

We’re also committed to educating the public about the benefits of CBD for pets and the importance of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in maintaining balanced health.


Creating Brighter Days is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our furry friends and equine partners by formulating highly-effective nutraceutical products that naturally enhance an animal’s health, vitality, and sense of well being.


Creating Brighter Days nutraceutical pet formulas are based on herbal medicines used for thousands of years in the daily maintenance of health and wellness in both humans and animals. Individual CBD products are formulated to relieve various ailments such as anxiety, joint and mobility issues, and inflammation.

We work together with experienced veterinarians whose research is published in medical journals in order to formulate products specifically for dogs, cats, and horses.

Our lines of pet and equine supplements combine the healing benefits of 99.9% pure hemp-derived CBD with the restorative effects of adaptogenic herbal extracts to produce a harmonizing effect within the body and to promote a synergistic balance.

Our CBD Enriched NutraceuticalPetProducts

Our CBD pet products are:

Veterinarian approvedHandcraftedPlant-basedAll naturalFree of preservativesAlcohol-freeTHC-free (non-intoxicating)Terpene-free Quality Assured

At Creating Brighter Days, we go to great lengths to assure the quality of our CBD pet products. Here are some of the extra measures that we take to assure high quality in all our products:

Ourpet treatsare slow-baked at low temperatures to preserve the medicinal qualities of the herbal ingredients.Everypet treatis inspected manually to assure quality.Ourequine products utilize a nano-encapsulation method that maximizes absorption and bioavailability.OurCBD tincturesare homogenized with coconut-derived MCT oil in order to improve product stability, consistency, and shelf life.We use a solventless extraction (CO2) and a multi-distillation process to achieve 99.9% purity in our CBD isolate.All products arelab-tested at a Health Canada Certified laboratoryat each stage of production to confirm the absence of THC, solvents, pesticides, contaminants, etc.Disclaimer

Our CBD pet products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease in dogs, cats or horses. The efficacy of our products have not been confirmed by Health Canada research. Please consult your veterinarian about potential interactions and possible complications before use.